The Big Book of Dashboards presents a comprehensive reference for those tasked with building or overseeing the development of business dashboards.

Upcoming Workshops

Learn how to build world-class business dashboards from leading experts in the field of data visualization.

A well-designed dashboard can point out risks, opportunities, and more; but common challenges and misconceptions can make your dashboard useless at best, and misleading at worst. This workshop will discuss the tools, guidance, and models you need to produce great dashboards that inform, enlighten, and engage.

Steve Wexler and Jeff Shaffer bring years of hands-on experience helping people in hundreds of organizations build effective visualizations. They have endured many “best practices” battles and bring an uncommon empathy that will help workshop participants survive and thrive in the data visualization world.


Introduction and Fundamentals of Data Visualization
Data Representation and Visualization Types
Visualizing Time
Data Visualization Best Practices
The Use of Color in Data Visualization
Fundamentals of Dashboard Design
Interactive Visualizations
Engagement through Personalization
Advanced Dashboard Design
Dead-End Dashboards
Thinking Critically about Data
Dealing with the Real World

Workshop attendees will receive a signed copy of The Big Book of Dashboards, breakfast, lunch, and coffee / beverages. Laptops are not required for this workshop.

What People are Saying about the Instructors

Read Ken Black's Review of the Atlanta Workshop

“I attended your training in Atlanta earlier this year and it drastically changed how I design dashboards. I’m hiring a junior analyst and would like to send him as well. ”

“...very knowledgeable - definitely an expert in his field.”

“Brilliant with communication and instructions.
   Gave examples and described situations very well.”

“… kept energy and interest levels high, exhibiting charisma, passion, and patience in his approach. He also went the extra mile to point me in the right direction in fleshing out a complex data visualization after the class had ended.”

“Amazing knowledge and he is well versed with the subject.”

“I had such a great experience and can’t recommend it enough!”

“I've attended around 15 training courses in my professional career and this was the best instructor I've had. His patient and polite manner really cultivated a positive atmosphere for absorbing knowledge.”

“He has a real desire to teach others what he knows,
and is incredibly generous with his time and knowledge.”

“It was an opportunity to learn at the foot of a master.”


Broad Application


Scheduling, patient tracking, worker's compensation claims, and health care provider productivity monitoring.

Customer Service

Call center dashboard, complaint monitoring, now vs. then comparisons and customer churn.


Website tracking, resource utilization and sentiment analysis.


Team performance analysis and player performance rating.





Real-world examples

Course Metrics Dashboard

This dashboard monitors the metrics of a course at a university.

What-If Dashboard

What-If Dashboard that analyzes the impact of increasing the minimum wage within an organization.

Complaints Dashboard

A dashboard used to monitor consumer complaints by channel that are open and closed.